Consider this...

    • 25% of the current Fortune 2000 already have a main DevOps strategy in place (Gartner)
    • By 2019, 80% of the Global Fortune 1000 expect to adopt a formal DevOps strategy (CA)
    • Daily, there are an average of 156,209 DevOps openings (Glassdoor)
  • 60% of hiring managers are looking to fill at least one DevOps role on their team (Opensource Job Report)

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Ken matches 100% expectation of both hiring managers and candidates by preparing candidates well before any phone screening or onsite interview, and also identifying the candidate’s skill gaps. As a candidate, I find his coaching techniques extremely useful. I got my job within 10 days!

Ray Lai

DevOps Sr. Director

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Ken and believe he is one of the best there is in this industry. He understands the needs of the client, as well as the employee- and has a keen understanding of what it means to partner those two together.

Tara Hanacek

Talent Sourcing Strategist

Ken is the the most dedicated and hard-working individual I have ever worked with. His focus and determination to provide high quality service to his customers and technical professionals is well recognized throughout the southeast and the company as a whole. He has personally made an impact on me and my career and I would recommend him to any client. He provides 125% for every task he is given as well as meets and overcomes challenges with his perseverant spirit.

Quinne Teske

Director, Strategic Sales

Our company hired Ken to find a very specific position within our company. From day one, his professionalism and work ethic far exceeded what I expected. The entire process was made easy as Ken did all of the leg-work. We would definitely hire Ken in the future!

Kevin Grice

Business Development Manager

Ken is a true business partner in a very fast paced labor intensive environment. I can always count on Ken to bring talented resources to the table in a timely fashion. Ken manages the entire process from start to finish with the highest level of professionalism.

Shannon Smith

Business Services Order Fulfillment Manager

What I Do

For My Clients

My team can identify, attract, and most importantly land your ideal hire using a process that, quite simply, works.
As the only true DevOps specialized recruiter, my team helps you take back control of your IT initiatives, slashing your costs while speeding up your delivery, allowing your DevOps team to do what it does best, support your business growth and your own career.


I use my years of experience and insight to put your unique DevOps Talent in front of the decision-makers of the most bleeding edge companies in the world, and position you to blow your competition away, allowing you to ignite your career and take back control of your career trajectory.

A Look At My Numbers


Number of passive candidates reached out to daily
Avg # of candidates touched in a search
Avg # of qualified candidates presented per search


Avg # of DevOps roles open at any given time
Avg bump in candidate salaries when making a move
Avg number of days from first interview to offer

How I Can Help You


  • Hiring costs are escalating
  • You’re not getting the quality of candidates you need
  • It takes too long to hire for mission-critical positions
  • You face mounting pressures in the constant race to achieve and sustain alignment between business and IT
  • Your recruitment process lacks continuity: there's a revolving door of low-cost bodyshop suppliers that don't understand your needs

Contain Hiring costs

Contain your hiring costs while maximizing your new hire ROI by interviewing candidates vetted by an expert

Cut Your Time-To-Hire

Increase speed-to-hire for DevOps professionals in business-critical roles by partnering with a firm with a direct conduit to the relevant talent

Staff Your Team With All-Stars

Work with a firm that talks to the top talent at every point in the DevOps vertical daily, from executives such as yourself to the best up-and-coming talent

Shut The Revolving Door Of Bodyshop Recruiters

Partner with a firm that provides a full spectrum of talent acquisition services – from retained and contingency searches for your direct hire needs, to building project teams and providing on-demand consulting for your project needs.

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