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10 Invaluable Tools for DevOps Teams

DevOps teams need tools that will help them at the differing stages of software development, and no one tool is going to do the trick. In this post, I will discuss 10 tools that will enable communication, automation, security, scalability, and more.


Jenkins is an open-source software program that will monitor the execution of jobs or functions that are repeated. It helps DevOps teams identify problems more easily, creating an easier integration process, and it features hundreds of plug-ins and can work with Windows, Mac OS X, and operating systems similar to Linux. Jenkins is Java-based and can be set up for use as a CI server or as a project’s delivery center.


Solving technical issues is paramount to any DevOps team, and PagerDuty gives developers the information they need to resolve issues quickly. It uses predictive learning algorithms to detect problems before they reach your clients, protecting your reputation and enabling you to stage an earlier and active response.


Another open-source program, Snort helps provide the all-important function of security by detecting port scans and identifying CGI and other attacks, probes, and buffer overflows. Its cost? Free.


Put simply, Splunk helps put answers in your hands more quickly. It takes analytics information and boils it down to its most basic meaning. Splunk also provides machine learning customized to your needs, no matter the level of data you are dealing with. It can also help you predict degradation and can tell you how your downed servers have affected things at the customer level.


This program is integral, as it assists teams in assembling apps from their components, and it helps to simplify IT tasks, such as scaling, provisioning, and incorporating new changes. Docker also boasts a worldwide network of resellers and consultants who can support you in your work. It is available at different price points, including free, and offers an increasing level of services as you go up.

Retrace from Stackify

This tool will tell you what your code is doing and why. It provides code-level tracing that can work right inside a developer’s workstation. It gives data and dashboards and makes this information easy to understand. Retrace is cost effective, starting at $25 a month and $10 per pre-production server.

JFrog Artifactory

JFrog Artifactory seamlessly allows communication between the various technologies that DevOps teams are using, making life easier for everyone. It improves scalability and can be integrated into any existing IT environment.


This is a tool that will keep your programs running. You can set it up to watch a particular process or processes, and if they should happen to stop, they will be restarted.  You can write your own specifications in Ruby, and you can also include a function to control your non-daemonizing scripts. It also comes with a notification system.


SaltStack helps cloud-based deployment of almost any type of app, providing automation and the requirements for configuration management at scale. It also helps with security and compliance, performing checks and audits and can also allow for multi-cloud orchestration. It is designed to work to scale, and it will build in redundancies. SaltStack can work with or without a relentless agent, and it will filter and aggregate data to make it easier to understand.


Rudder is a system that can be used by experts and nonexperts alike, as it was created to be user-friendly. It assists developers with automating their infrastructure and with compliance. It allows nonexperts to set parameters and for developers to work according to those requirements. This is an open-source product, and it has the ability measure and fix configuration drift on a variety of operating systems, including Windows and Linux.

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