Dhub Blog – What to Look for When Hiring for DevOps jobs

Do you dream of stacking your team with highly qualified DevOps professionals? Every business owner, manager, or human resource management professional dreams of finding the right team for his or her business operations.

DevOps requires a mix of skills that vary based on your industry, your company size, and specific needs like experience with Linux, automation work, languages like Python, or even Amazon Web Services.

Whatever your requirements, there are a few skills every good DevOps hire should have. It just is not as easy as it sounds to find dynamic employees that know software engineering, quality assurance, and technology operations.

So, what should you look for in your hiring process?

Look for Exact Skills

Too many hiring professionals get caught up in DevOps because it is the hottest word in the industry right now. Don’t get stuck on titles but focus on exact skills.

For example, a software engineer that works with programming and scripting has chosen a very separate career path than a software engineer that works in infrastructure. You are not just looking for a software engineer when you post a job; you are looking for a specific skill set. Get detailed, so your newest employee knows what to expect from the position.

  • Skill #1: Open Source Portfolio. First and foremost, you are hiring a developer, and they need to prove skills to you. Check out your potential hire’s open source portfolio. Anything to demonstrate skills beyond a list of qualifications helps you see if the developer is the real deal.
  • Skill #2: Source Management Discipline. Developers do well when working on their own but the right team member should also mesh with your operations team. You need a candidate that knows how to make changes within your company’s normal source-code management system.
  • Skill #3: Data! For most businesses in the world, their most valuable asset is customer and business data. A potential DevOps hire needs to know all of the most significant NoSQL and relational databases. Test a candidate on migrating database items, restoring backups, and even remote pairings.

Find a Person that Fits with Your Culture

In one interview with a candidate and three people from your company, each interviewer will have a different goal in mind. All interviewers should walk into the meeting with the same goal, to find an engaged worker that would fit into your culture. You will be spending at least 40 hours together a week after all!

Take Note of Valuable Soft Skills

Most people can learn with ease but cannot force themselves to adopt soft skills. A competent technical professional is creative, freethinking, motivated, and willing to work through a puzzle. As a good employer, you can train your team and work on new skills, but you cannot force soft skills. Some commonly sought after soft skills are

Be Honest With Yourself About the Position

Team development and the growth of your company culture hinges upon the type of employee you choose to hire. Spend time be honest with yourself and your operations team about the actual requirements of the job posting, what you expect from employees, and what you have to offer a hire.

DevOps professionals can be a bit picky in selecting a company, so transparency about the posted job is essential.

Don’t Use Regular Recruiting Sites

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