DHub Blog – How DevOps and Machine Learning are Dominating Job Opportunities in Tech

Looking to secure your net worth? Worried about the future of your business prospects? One of the best ways to secure your place in the future of tech is via a focus on DevOps and machine learning. When it comes to this field, salaries are high, every company need this form of development, and growth is exponential. As a professional, there is nothing to lose by investing work product and time in this sector.

Machine learning matters more than ever, as we use data analysis in all of our products to automate our lives. Whether it is identifying air conditioner usage patterns or leading us toward a world of self-driving cars, machine learning drives it all. Machine learning experts also keep our credit card systems running via fraud detection or even linguistic rules. Machine learning drives the world.

As every qualified developer knows, the traditional software dev market has been strong for years. According to the latest survey conducted by Stack Overflow about DevOps, the average salary for a DevOps professional is $128,000, which is 20% more than a traditional software developer (via zdnet). In comparison, designers in the US average $85,000, test developers average $83,000, and front-end developers average $93,000.

Much of this shortage occurs because a DevOps professional is more of a hybrid worker, you need to understand software development with a bit of operations skills. The salary potential in the United States is especially high for DevOps professionals.

Even in a non-technology sector, development operations are widely needed. Consider a typical retail location that is experiencing rapid growth with a potential franchise investment. DevOps and machine learning would improve processes for this business at a minimum. Stack Overflow CEO Joel Spolsky says, “Today, every company is a technology company. Without developers, the economy would not evolve at the pace we’re seeing today.”

Development and IT operations are not about automating jobs and removing the need for actual staff but rather building a better system for us all. As employers realize they need to make the move into major development decisions, growth will only expand. Employers will only find themselves posting more jobs.

(If you want a major one up against the competition, the fastest-growing programming language in use is Python. It wouldn’t hurt to take note of its rise in popularity).

According to a report from KBV Research, the global DevOps market will hit $8.8 billion by 2023. As a field, machine learning is new with development operations being a clear specialization of this sector. Because of this, being one of the first qualified professionals out there only gives you bargaining power with major organizations. “DevOps as a discipline and professional identity is relatively new, but the people working in this field are highly experienced.”

Professional growth, especially for developers, is the only way you stay relevant in the industry. As more roles demand one person to do the job of five people at once, one big project might direct your entire career. For example, fall into Linux with one company and you could consult at you next job on Linux development. Will Markow, a client strategy and analytics manager at Burning Glass Technologies says, “Employers are pulling different types of software development skills together along with operations skills, and it’s creating significant gaps in the marketplace.”

As a professional in DevOps and machine learning, there demand greatly outweighs the supply. In the words of Joel Spolsky, “Developers are the architects of code that empower our everyday lives and the people responsible for teaching machines how to think.”

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