My name is Ken M Middleton

...and I am your DevOps Recruiter
I've spent the last 10 years as a high-level matchmaker in the IT staffing industry, and during that time, I’ve recognized that there was a huge gap between typical IT recruiters and the needs of the DevOps space. While many will say they focus on DevOps technology, oftentimes that “focus” is coupled with two or three other unrelated technologies, and as a result, they lose that myopic focus that is required to truly understand the unique DevOps space.

Combined with the fact that by 2019, 80% of the Global Fortune 1000 expect to adopt a formal DevOps strategy, AND there are already an average of 156,209 DevOps openings at any given day (Glassdoor), AND the fact that 60% of hiring managers are looking to fill at least one DevOps role on their team (Opensource Job Report), relying on the same generalist IT staffing agencies that try to be all things to all people is a recipe for disaster.

To bridge this widening gap, I’ve created Your DevOps Recruiter, a high-level recruiting practice that is “all-in” on DevOps technology. With my sole focus in this area, as well as my deep well of contacts within this space - from DevOps Engineers to Directors, VPs, and even CIOs – I am uniquely positioned to identify, attract, and ultimately land you the very best A-Player Talent in the DevOps space, bar-none. In doing so, I help you take back control of your IT initiatives, slashing your costs while speeding up your delivery, allowing your team to do what it does best, support your business growth and your own career.

I know DevOps and I know DevOps talent. I understand the complexities of these landscapes and possess the technical experience, recruiting skills, and vast network of contacts necessary to be your “right-hand recruiter,” as well your long-term career advisor.

So if you're a CIO, VP, Director, or even just managing a small DevOps team, and you feel like your career is being hamstrung by your lack of access to the best DevOps talent, and you're sick and tired of body-shop recruiters, call me at (919) 389-1148, or click on the link below to book a strategy call with me. No fluff, no hard sales pitch, and you don't even have to engage my team in a search...just proven, actionable strategies that you can start implementing in your recruiting tool bag today, as well as access to my network of high level decision-makers if you’re looking to make your next big career move.

I look forward to building your team, and taking your career to the next level, as Your DevOps Recruiter.